PIRIOU, a leader in shipbuilding and marine repairs...  


With the only French shipyard to operate on this scale, both in shipbuilding and ship repair and on the same site, the PIRIOU Group has specialized in the design, building and repair of high value-added ships.  


A constant presence on the field, translated into a strong Customer Service driven approach in this heavy duty industry, allows us to be present in many markets in the areas of small to medium tonnage vessels.  


European leader in the construction of ocean going tuna purse seiners.  


French leader in the construction of fishing vessels. 


French leader in the area of service vessels (towing, offshore)  


Over 400 deliveries in 50 years have allowed us to build a range of references that are as diverse as they are complementary.  


From traditional fishing to offshore supply vessels of 160 ton bollard pull, from lightweight anti-pollution ships to 90 meter industrial refrigerated tuna purse seiners, and from sea-going to fluvial vessels, all these references serve as stepping stones to further progress, innovate and reinforce a know-how cultivated by this diversity.  


Tuna purse seiner 82m