DCI jointly created with Piriou the company NavOcéan, last July, in order to be equipped with a Maritime Training Ship (MTS). This 44-meter ship, to be named «ALMAK», is currently being built in Concarneau by the Piriou group. 


5 months after installing the first sheet metal, the ship's construction project is progressing as planned. The Almak's delivery is planned for September 2013. 


We are delighted by the progress of the Almak project that is based on perfectly harmonious work between the DCI and Piriou teams, » declares Jean-Louis Rotrubin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DCI. «We are impatient to see the first foreign trainees train at sea with this MTS as from next autumn.» 


«A close relationship between Piriou and DCI has facilitated the building of a new BFM generation, » said Pascal Piriou, Chairman and CEO of Piriou.” With this ship, we are entering into the military shipbuilding sector and l’Almak is the symbol of our willingness to enter the Defence industry. This first grey ship is the beginning of many to come… This ship also allows us to sign with a customer on a long-term basis, linking up shipbuilding with maintenance.»