PIRIOU delivers the "CAYOLA" to Armement Coopératif Artisanal Vendéen (ACAV) and Mr Mikaël BAUD. The construction of this 22-metre trawler equipped for Danish seine fishing is the first of its kind in France. It represents 25 years of collaboration between the shipowner and PIRIOU who is reaffirming its involvement in fishing, it original business activity. 


This trawler is the fruit of close collaboration between the Armement Coopératif Artisanal Vendéen, the naval architect's office Bureau Mauric, Piriou and Mikaël Baud who takes command, and will be joint owner with ACAV. 

The vessel is ergonomic, ensuring the crew are comfortable and safe, and elegant with slender lines. The "CAYOLA" meets the technical requirements of the two joint owners ensuring responsible, efficient fishing and therefore sustainable in the long-term. 


A historic relationship between ACAV and PIRIOU: since 1988, PIRIOU has built 9 vessels (gillnetters and trawlers) with lengths of 18 to 22 metres for ACAV. 


Fishing: Piriou's basic DNA  

Piriou has built on average 6 fishing vessels per year for the 40 last years. A total of 236 units of 14 to 90m vessels since 1972.




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